Cultural and social life in Dalečín

There have been held motoskijoring races since 1996. It is a young and not so well-known sport´s event (a motorcyclist pull a skier by a rope). Our region is very well-known because of holding motocross competitions (these races are part of World championship series) and so this new sporting event has also a lot of fans here. The Republic championship was held here in 1999.

Mowing competition
The mowers meet at the grounds called Na chmelníku at the turn of may each year. A lot of republic champions take a part in this competition in the last few years. This event atracts a lot of local people and also a lot of visitors.

Traditional fair
It is a great cultural and social event with a lot of atracttions holding each year at the end of July after the name day of St. Jacob

Opening and closing the terraces
This event is holding in the restaurant Splávek at the begining and at the end of each summer season. Rich refreshments and good atmosphere are accompanied by music and attracts a lot of visitors.

Local feast
There used to be a traditional feast with the folk costumes and a maypole. This tradition was restored by a local council and sport´s club Drak in 1999.
The 650th anniversary of the first reliable mention of Dalečín was the real reason for restoring this tradition. The first modern feast was realized in October 31st 1999 and a lot of people was present on that occasion.

Clubs and organizations in Dalečín

Voluntary fire brigade
There are three units of this brigade- in Dalečín, Veselí and Hluboké. Their history has started in the last century

The sport´s club DRAK Dalečín
SK DRAK was established in 1998. Now volleyball, football, ice-hockey and table tennis players are the members.

Taroc club Dalečín
The players of this great card play - Mr Jiří Munzar, Mr Miloslav Sedler, Mr Ladislav Šauer and Mr Pavel Zedník established this club in 1997. Now this club také part in organizing cards tournament GRAND PRIX of Vysočina (which is one of the biggest in the Czech republic)