History of Dalečín

The first reliable mention of Dalečín dates back to the year 1349. At that time - Klára, the wife Znata of Tasov wife, handed Dalečín, Písečné and Dětochov (villages close to Dalečín) over to her husband. However even in 1358 she sold the Dalečín property to Jimram of Pernštejn - in this document the Dalečín Castle and the Dalečín Church - consecrated to St. Jacob, patron of miners, situated in the north-west part of the village were first mentioned. In 1390 the fortress of Dalečín was also established.

We can read about medieval Dalečín we can read in "Moravské zemské desky" (a document from that time), where we can find a mention of Jan of Pernštejn, who sold Dalečín to Pavel Katharyn of Kathar in 1588.

In 1603 Vilém Dubský of Třebomyslice obtained Dalečín and the surrounding villages. He passed Lutheran religious order for his farm in 1608. Due to the fact that he took an active part in the rebellions of noblemen, his estate was confiscated after the Battle of Bílá hora and sold to Štěpán Schmidth of Freihofen (a nobleman of Kunštát). Dalečín and Kunštát shared a common history from then onwards.