Dalečín Castle

Close to the river Svratka we can find a considerable number of castles. All the castles were found in the 13th and the 14th century. These castles are: Štarkov, Dalečín, Pyšolec, Auersperk, Zubštejn and Pernštejn. The Dalečín Castle used to be of great importance because of its strategic position among these castles.

The castle stand in the valley on the left bank of the river, which protected it by its meandr. Good protection also offered a mill-race. The date of foundation of the Castle is not known. The first mention dates back to the year 1358 when the castle passed to the Lords of Pernštejn possession. Because of its architectural style-so called Luxembourg Gothic- we expect its foundation dates back to 1340 . Following years were probably quiet under the rule of the powerful Lords of Pernštejn because there are not a lot of information about the Castle. But the situation changed at the beginning of the 16 century.

The castle had become a centre of robber knights. We expect it because the Castle was captured by army led by one of moravian provincial noblemen Artleb Vranovsky of Boskovice in 1519. The Castle has become deserted.

The original shape of this castle is not exactly known. But one thing is certain - the castle was roll-shaped with prismatic tower.The building had three floors - there are three lines of windows and also openings remained after joistes where used to be a ceiling. Only a part of high pherpherial wall with windows, battlements, remainings of tower and old castle walls remained untouched.