KThe church of St.Jacob

The church of St. Jacob was established in the second half of the 13th century, in 1588 adaptated and in the years 1742-1746 rebuilt in baroque style (The level of the floor was made higer, the chancel was changed into sacristy and above it a steeple was built.) A vault was added to a nave with a flat ceiling and a nave was changed into chancel.A new nave was added. The original windows and entrance was bricked up.( There is a hint of two original windows painted on the plaster - it is visible on the plaster of the old navy.) New windows were made and facades were united. A hall was also added.

In the years 1940-1941 a collection of the murals was found on the place of previous chancel dating from the 80´s of the 14 century. There are three altars inside. It si furnished in classicism style (the beggining of 19th century. The organ was made in1805. There are three bells hung on the steeple- the biggest of them was cast in Velké Meziříčí in1561 by the bell-maker Adam. There is a legend written on the bell: - "Tento zvon dielal Adam Swonarz z Mezerzicie, ke cti, chwale Panu bohu a k swolanie k slowu božimu 1561. (It is writen in old Czech language.) Few years ago a new bell was placed into the church and an authomatic bell-ringing was put up. There is a clock given by a tenant of the local spinning mill Mr.Ferdinand Trapl.