The Vír Reservoir

This reservoir is situated south-east of the village of Dalečín. The dam was built in the 1950´s in order to stop floods and for recreation. The construction of the dam was compleated in 1957 and the municipaliies of Chudobín, Hamry and Korouhvice were flooded.

Nowadays the reservoir is in charge of Povodí Moravy a.s.Brno and it is the most important surface resource of the Morava river basin. Since the 1970´s it has been serving as a resource of drinkable water for a vast part of the Žďár nad Sázavou district. This year the regional Vír water supply is going to start to work and it is also supposed to supply the city of Brno and its environs. Permited water consumption is 2 cubic metres per second. The capacity of the reservoir is 56.193 mil. cubic metres and the area is 223,6 ha. The dam is made of concrete and it is 66,2 m high and 390 m long.

The reservoir is used for waterworks purpouses and so nowadays the reservoir is not open to the public. The only turistic attraction available is cycling and walking track along by the reservoir from Dalecin to Vir.