The chateau

It is originally a renaissance building. Up to the 19th century it was rebuilt to the style of tyrolean cottages and it is a real rarity in our region. The last owner (owner of nobility origin) was Františka Coudenhove-Honrichs. .

In 1919 agrarian reform was realized and majority of land owning by nobility was nationalized. In 1924 some of the grounds was given back to Františka , for example chateau in Dalečín, ruins of castle and local spinning mills included. Františka became a nun in Rajhrad convent and after death of her mother she donated her property to "Kongregace těšitelek Božského srdce Ježíšova" (the religious order) of which she was a member. The convent wanted the chateau in Dalečín to be a reconvalescent home for nuns who took care of sick person.

But the Second World War started and the chateau became the centre of training of Hitlerjungen. At the end of the war the SS unit had its seat there. Their task was to fight against partisan and resistance movement. After liberation of the Czech republic the Chateau was given back to the ownership of the convent in Rajhrad (at the begining of the1950´s whole possesion belonged to the state). At that time there were almost nothing left out of original interior even though the chateau used to be very richly furnished in spite of its unpompous external appearance. In 1886 there were more than ten rooms for example the Red room, the Blue guest room, salon of the countess and two rooms of the countess daughter, study of the count, two bedrooms and a dinning room. There were a kitchen and rooms for domestic staff on the ground floor.

Now there are an office of local authority, a surgery and muicipal flats. In 1998-1999 wooden balkonies and exteriors were under vast reconstruction.