Veselí - local part

The first mention of Veselí dates back to the year 1367. Vilém and Vratislav of Pernšten bought Veselí in 1486. Veselí and Kunštát were united in the second half of the16th century. These villages had their following history in common.

Veselí was mostly protestant. People were often persecuted by nobility. For example because of not attending catholic masses. So the most of people welcame passing of Toleranční patent ( an act of religious freedom - 27th October1781) Due to this act the Protestants were not persecuted any more. In 1782 people in Veselí and surounding villages built a simple stone house of prayer because they were not allowed to build churches with steeples and bells. The divine services were celebrated by a man called Tomáš Juren because at that time there were not any protestant clergymen. He brought forbidden books an he also bound them in the persecution time. He also taught children. He lived in Ubušínek and twice a week he visited Veselí. Only after the construction of the parish in Veselí and after he became a teacher in 1784, he moved to Veselí an lived in a room in the wooden parish. The church in Veselí was under vast reconstruction in the 1990´s.